Mr. Jesadavat Priebjrivat

Chairman of the Board of Director

Since the company has participated in the stock market in 2010, it accounts for more than 6 years of performance growth. We consider this success from our hard working, good and fair business ethics towards all parties involved : shareholders, CEO, employees and even our competitors. With our great effort and enthusiasms, we are able to reach our objective as so called Sustainable Growth of the organization. We determine to continually exceed all shareholders’ expectation in all aspects of the business practice and our performance. We are grateful to all of your contribution and interests in helping small business like us to grow strongly along these years. The vision of the Stock market has been our best courage for us to improve and to stand sustainably and profoundly with long term growth rate. This vision to create best investments to strengthen overall stock market in Thailand is in our acknowledgement and it is one of our visions now. CEOs and all employees would like to say thank you and we promise to retain and increase this improvement to help strengthen the position of Thailand stock market.