Mr. Jesadavat Priebjrivat

Chairman of the Board of Director

Macroeconomic conditions remain tough for the implementation of business continuity. This is probably the main cause a trade war between the countries with the biggest economies, the US and China are the two countries are still in progress. And does not seem to have ended when. Yet the management of the company's growth continues Gratitude Infinite public company limited.(the company) has the talent and dedication. Make also maintains sales and earnings at a satisfactory level, but the impact on the share price on the Stock Exchange was higher than the result from operating it. The company decided to distribute excess liquidity to mitigate the impact to the shareholders for the fair. I hope that the company's decision in this matter. It has the support of our shareholders well. I on behalf of the company I would like the cooperation and support of all parties involved. To cheer executives the dedicated capacity for the future of the company. Thailand and the stock market as a whole.